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Hi! My name's Marta,

I'm your personal trainer
in Geneva.



Do you want to lose weight?
Or maybe you are dreaming of gaining a few kilograms?

I’ll count your daily calorie requirement and help to improve your eating habits to provide your body with everything it needs for efficient functioning everyday. We’ll also have a closer look at your training routine, water intake, sleep hygiene, and breathing patterns.
It all matters!


Body recomposition process is one thing, but maintaining muscle balance, which is important to support your joints and prevent injuries is another.

Thanks to the pre-exercise screening we’ll know what to work on to reach your goal the fastest, and more importantly, the safest way possible. It’ll be the base for designg your fully individualized training plan.


Do you want to learn or work on a specific skill e.g. a pull-up or a pistol squat? Are you interested in getting to know all the benefits of Kettlebell HardStyle training according to StrongFirst – the School of Strength by Pavel Tsatsouline? Or maybe you heard of Animal Flow and would like to know how to build a perfect flow? Are you an Aerial Hoop fan? Let me show you some nice tricks and transitions. I can help you with that too.

Personal Training

No matter if you are a beginner athlete or you already do some sports. I can help you set and reach your training goals!
What’s on the menu?

– PRE-EXERCISE SCREENING to know your expectations and set your goal, check your ranges of motion, which may have a limiting impact on your strength/skill progress, get to know your lifestyle to prepare a plan which will fit in with it,

– TRAINING PLAN TAILORED TO YOUR NEEDS, I’ll keep an eye on your technique, and correct it when needed, take care of reps quality and quantity and motivate you to do your best,

– SPECIAL CLASS OFFER, if you want to start your adventure with Kettlebells, Animal Flow or Aerial Hoop on 1:1 sessions,

 – TRAINING LOG, numbers are more honest than words, you’ll see your progress exactly as it is,

– POSSIBILITY TO TRAIN WITH A PARTNER/FRIEND, encourage your friend or a partner to work out! Each of you will get your own training plan to follow. The price goes down, the motivation goes up!

– WORKING OUT PLACE OF YOUR CHOICE, at the gym, in the park, on the beach, at your house – the choice is yours!


Online Training

Getting started doesn’t depend on the distance! Even if you live far away, reaching your training goals is possible. What can you expect from online training with me?

– PRE-EXERCISE SCREENING via Skype/Messenger etc. to know your expectations and set your goals, I’ll ask you to do a few simple exercises and will guide you through the whole process,

– TRAINING PLAN TAILORED TO YOUR NEEDS with the use of your favourite and/or available equipment,

– SPECIAL CLASS OFFER, yes you can learn Kettlebells, Animal Flow or Aerial Hoop from the distance!

 – TRAINING LOG to fill in (we will review it every week, which allows us to keep the plan as much adjusted as possible),

– 45-MIN VIDEO SESSION to recheck your form/improve the technique of a particular exercise if needed, and discuss the next steps (every week).


Special class offer

Animal Flow

Animal Flow is a bodyweight training program combining elements of parkour, breakdancing and animal locomotion patterns. You can use its moves to improve your mobility, strength, endurance and muscular coordination.

The movements can be performed alone or in the form of “flow”, where different elements are linked, and one move goes smoothly into another, creating a continuous chain of movement.

You can build a flow, which will boost you with energy for the whole day, or just the opposite, relax your body and mind after a hard day at work.

Animal Flow can be done everywhere, even when you are short of space or time!

Learn more

Kettlebell HardStyle

Kettlebells are one of the most versatile tools for building overall strength and endurance, improving mobility and coordination. They’ll also help you work on your balance and body. awareness.

Even basic exercises with kettlebells are multi-joint. It means that many muscles are engaged in the movement at the same time. You’ll see a noticeable difference in your core strength and stability (and strong core protects our spine from pain!)

In addition, with proper programming they can be great as fat loss workouts, improving your cardiovascular endurance. You won’t be short of breath when playing with your child or going up when the elevator’s out of order anymore

Learn more

Aerial Hoop

Aerial hoop, also known as Lyra, is one of the aerial arts performed on a suspended in the air hoop. It builds your upper body and core strength, but don’t think the lower body stays behind, especially when you remember to keep your knees locked and toes pointed.

Aerial Hoop is a great activity to improve your balance, motor control and grip strength. It’ll make you more self-confident with every new pose or trick unlocked.

We begin with some basic poses and transitions moving to dynamic tricks, including rolls and drops. It can be performed to the music, as a choreography, which also allows you to discover your artistic side. And besides all of that, it’s simply a lot of fun.



Personal Training
in the gym

CHF 130 / 1 hour
CHF 1170 / 10 hours

NEW !!!

Personal Training
in your house!

CHF 150 / 1 hour
CHF 1350 / 10 hours

Couples Workout
CHF 100 / hour / person

Group Workout
(3-4 people)

CHF 80 / hour / person

Online Training
CHF 350 / month

Couples Online Training
CHF 250 / month / person

Consult available days and hours:

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About me

My name’s Marta and I am a personal trainer by passion and profession. Movement accompanied me for most of my life, and my first beloved sport was basketball. After graduation, I started a typical desk job. However, some years later, I realized that this was not the path I wanted to follow. Especially that my weight and general well-being weren’t at their best. That was also the point when I decided to swap high heels for socks and dresses for tracksuits.

A few months later, I started a course to become a certified personal trainer. From the very beginning I felt it was what I wanted to do in my life! Since then, I have completed many courses, gained a lot of knowledge, learned about loads of interesting topics concerning the human body, its limitations and possibilities.

In September 2020, I became a StrongFirst Instructor (SFG I). In June, 2021 I completed the Sinister challenge, and in August, I became a member of the Top Team Poland (5*). In 2022 I decided to focus on advanced kettlebell techniques and in October I passed all tests to become an SFG II. I also earned the title of the Iron Maiden during that cetification. In December, the same year, I completed two more certifications: StrongFirst Bodyweight and StrongFirst Lifter. SFL was my final event where I recertified all currently held certifications and achieved the rank of StrongFirst Elite Instructor.

In the meantime I assisted at the kettlebell workshops and certifications in Poland and Germany and together with other certified instructors we have created StrongFirst Switzerland (and we already hosted two official kettlebell workshops and the TSC challenge in our country too!).

Except for being a fan of free weight training, I also love Aerial Hoop and Animal Flow. They are both art-like activities where you train not only your body but also your mind. And although it may seem that those activities have nothing in common, they complement each other very well. Human bodies favour diversities!

So if you are looking for a person to help you reach your training goals, no matter if it is losing weight, building muscle mass, improving your skills or exercise technique, preparing for competition or simply feeling healthier every day send me a message and let me help you.


Do you want to know more about kettlebells?
Is Animal Flow or Aerial Hoop something you are looking for?

Drop me a line!