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“My Gym Intro”

“My Gym Intro”

will help you to achieve your training goals faster!

Visiting a gym for the first time may be intimidating. New place, a lot of people, different machines and variety of equipment in every corner of the place is usually overwhelming for the beginners. To get rid of this unpleasant feeling and focus on your training goals start with the “My Gym Intro” course!


What is My Gym Intro?

It’s a series of 10 one-to-one sessions with a certified personal trainer – Marta Naskret, who will help you to reach your training goals in the fastest, more efficient and safest way possible!

What will you learn?

First of all, Marta will check what your “starting point” is based on pre-exercise screening. Thanks to that you’ll know what exercises are best for you.
Then, she will create a workout program that is specifically designed for your goals and abilities.
– breathing (not only during exercises, but also how to use different breathing patterns to get rid of muscle tension and calm down in stressfull situations),
– movement patterns, so that you can perform them correctly when doing your own trainings and get as much of a